Tuesday, August 7, 2007

malas. dipresi.

ZODIAC (David Fincher, 2007)

Zodiac marks the return to the serial-killer genre for David Fincher (Fight Club, Se7en) after a 5 year hiatus since Panic Room. And it's a welcome return indeed. Zodiac is a near masterpiece, and the best film I've seen this year so far. Fincher has proved that he is one of the greatest living American filmmaker. Although clocking at nearly 3-hours long, this epic film is so tightly paced and there's not a single wasted celluloid committed on-screen. The amount of detail in this film is staggering. Every little scene is necessary, and every scene is pitch-perfectly directed, to the point that I even think that it's a little shorter than I prefer it should be.

Verdict: 4.5/5


[ d.e.e ] said...

kenape malas & dipresi? its ur mid term break, so enjoy it to the max la wei! :p

i watched zodiac a few weeks back, i enjoyed it, but the film's a lil bit too long la kan? but there's nothing wrong in watching jake gyllenhall for 3hrs *drools*

igt x the scene kat basement with the poster fella? whats the significance of the scene eh? i didnt get it. n i rase robert downey jr tuh cam played himself je. xcam blakon. hehe

p.s: monday bwk adiah to grand hall. tq

maberik said...

ermm as said, i think it's a little shorter than i prefer it should be. :P

scene kat basement tu nak bgtau la mungkin zodiac killer ni bukan sorang, tapi 2 orang. and to show a sense of desperation(to find zodiac) and paranoia of graysmith. the film never gave any 'real' answers, and rightly so.

yeah downey macam play himself. but it IS entertaining as hell just to watch him. Fincher definitely has a flair for casting.

falling-evenstar said...

finally~ something worth watching? [if your verdict is true lar...and hopefull it is because summer is so dead boring...haha]

maberik said...

my verdict is always true. haha :P

falling-evenstar said...

trus teringat Mukhsin...
pesal dipresi2 nih?
hepi2 sket~

maberik said...

trus teringat Bridge To Terabithia. hahaha

falling-evenstar said...

trus teringat the painted veil...

ok la, ok la~

Kurt Cobain said...

cite ni tak bes
your verdict is always wrong :P
part kantoi sapa yg bunuh
tak macho langsong

maberik said...


gie balek kuboq la hang kurt cobain!

Kurt Cobain said...

aku hidup lg
still rocking huhu
tp ye la kan
time kita hot org puja
time kita tua kerepot org tak puja
achewah berpantun lak aku