Thursday, February 22, 2007

SEVERANCE (Christopher Smith, 2006)

It's official. If you want a good horror dosage for your friday nights, leave it to the Brits. 28 Days Later, Dog Soldiers, The Descent, Shaun Of The Dead; the guys behind these actually *know* what they're doing. They actually love horror movies. AND, their ideas are *original* too boot. Not some "Asian remakes" or crappy imitators that Hollywood keeps dishing out over and over again. I'd say the last good Hollywood horror film was Slither. Even that was a "homage" of sorts to the B-horror flicks of yesteryears. Not that that was any fault if it was done competently. The same goes to this latest Brit horror/comedy flick Severance. Taking the typical horror movie premise and just spun it around for laughs. But, the difference is that Hollywood just can't beat British humour. I don't know why, just that they have a certain "penache" in their 'comedic approach'. They're more subtle, and witty.

The premise is easy enough, a bunch of people go for a vacation in a remote 'villa', and ended up getting their body parts hacked by a crazy-ass killer. In this case, the 'people' are co-workers of a weapons manufacturing company of sorts. Similarities with 'The Office' are glaring here. Only that you don't really care much about the characters. But then again, since when did we last *care* about a character in a horror movie? At least, this bunch is *colourful* enough.

Severance did what other movies of its genre did: it pokes fun at horror movie stereotypes. And whenever they do, it's hilarious. Most notably the scene where the "typical female protagonist" kills off the "slasher" (within seconds) with a shotgun, and uttered "I hate to be accused of not killing him when I had the chance.". If *that* doesn't beat you over the head with its sense of humour, then you just have no.....sense of humour. Or you've never watched a horror flick all your life. Then you're a loser. ha!

There's also a good amount of political satires thrown in. But I would call this a double-edged sword. It *is* brilliant at times, but also made the film itself wildly uneven (in tone). By the third act it degenerates into the ridiculous, with bursts of over-the-top political gags/references that seemed like I'm watching a different movie altogether. Like a late change of course by the filmmaker, aiming for a *higher* target than it should.

However, I really enjoyed the movie. Sure it's not scary (it's not meant to be). Just some gory stuff with a few cringe-inducing scene. But it *is* still a refreshing take on the genre; one that you could sit back, eat some junk, and laugh your ass off.

Verdict: 3.5/5


TheBigKahuna said...

i downloaded it as soon as i read this review.

the brits are funny people. i remember watching Mind Your Language every afternoon when I was 10. It was damn hilarious.

ghoyye said...

another one if u're up to these kinda flicks: HOT FUZZ

maberik said...

ahh yeah Mind Your Language.I missed that show.

been waiting for another comedic gold by Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg.

fadz said...

huhuhu, now i can talk to sial aku dok blog-city, ko pun, bukaklah utk anon..anw, yes, aku masih bengang kat ko sebab ko dah tgk filem ni, binawe mu!

fadz said...

huhuhu, now i can talk to sial aku dok blog-city, ko pun, bukaklah utk anon..anw, yes, aku masih bengang kat ko sebab ko dah tgk filem ni, binawe mu!