Sunday, November 18, 2007


Apparently I have too much time on my hands....

BEOWULF (Robert Zemeckis, 2007)

Robert Zemeckis' newest infatuation(CG motion capture animation film), and marks his 2nd 'experimental' film after The Polar Express. The visuals have improved, sure, but it still looks somewhat creepy. And they never did fully fix the 'dead-eye' look. Still, it was good fun at the theaters. More of a visual feast and a technical exercise. Nothing much for the heart. The abundance of naked/half-naked bodies and sturdy biceps call for comparisons with 300--but minus the homoeroticism. In fact, I think Zemeckis gave an intentional 'wink', referencing 300, by the humorous effect of the overenthusiastic "I....Am....Beowulf!!!!".


RESCUE DAWN (Werner Herzog, 2007)

Werner Herzog's first foray into Hollywood(also his first fiction film in a long time), and it should have come sooner. A wholesome survival tale of Dieter Dengler played by Christian Bale with another unbelievably dedicated performance, as do the filmmaking. Criminally underseen in the US which was probably due to the very limited number of theaters screening the movie and it being released around Summer time along with the 'Big Studio' movies. Personally, if taking into account the entertainment value only(without considering the obviously superior filmmaking aesthetics of the film), Rescue Dawn blows away Transformers or any of its competitors out of the water.


THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM (Paul Greengrass, 2007)

Then again, maybe Dieter Dengler doesnt blow away Jason Bourne. The Bourne Ultimatum is in my opinion, the best action movie for this year. Tremendously exciting from the get-go. Even though it's rather thin on plot compared to its predecessors, but the amazing, genre-defining action sequences more than makes up for it.


SUPERBAD (Greg Mottola, 2007)

"From the guys who brought you Knocked Up."

I think that's enough to describe Superbad. I am McLovin' it. It's another comedic gold from Judd Apatow(as producer) and Seth Rogen(as co-writer with Evan Goldberg). Superbad is laugh-out-loud funnier than Knocked up, but lacks the depth and thematic maturity of the latter. It's more in common with American Pie, while Knocked Up feels more like Woody Allen's.


AMERICAN GANGSTER (Ridley Scott, 2007)

A retread of the classic gangster films. If you've seen Scarface or any old gangster movies, you'll find American Gangster to be very predictable. But Ridley Scott's masterful filmmaking, and charismatic lead actors helped elevate it from mediocrity. Still, it never actually "takes off" to make it pass from "good" to "great". And that's a disappointment considering the amount of talents involved.



falling-evenstar said...

Paris, Je T'aime?

maberik said...

seen it.

and yes...Paris, je t'aime!

kamalariffin said...

good stuff
layan my short kasi komen

maberik said...


thanx dude

fadz said...

sama macam lu, i felt bourne 3rd installation the best action film this year..

fadz said...

serious american gangster tak best? dan aku ingat itulah filem yg mungkin menang best picture thn depan, hmppphhh..

maberik said...

aku pun igt macam tu jugak. tapi dr segi production values, setting, acting, aku rasa Oscar-worthy jugak la. yg tak bestnya sbb everything feels all too familiar

fadz said...

i see... so ni mmg kena tgk dat charlie's war tu, takkanlah atonement kan?