Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscar 2007

Well, hurrah for The Departed! And finally Scorsese gets his due. Maybe it's not his strongest film, but it's still better than the others (aside from Letters, which I haven't seen yet).

The show as a whole sucked (Ellen was surprisingly unfunny). But I'll give credits to the Oscars for being rather *unpredictable*; for better or worse. And earlier on I thought Little Miss Sunshine was gonna give a surprise by winning Best Picture, seeing that it won for Best Original Screenplay.

There are certainly some disappointments, most notably Pan's Labyrinth and Emmanuel Lubezki losing. Other winners are satisfactory, I guess.

Here's hoping for a better host next year.


TheBigKahuna said...

I'm not liking The Departed all that much. Well, after the credits rolled, I thought it was so good. But then, I think it was just a false epiphany, meaning the whole ambiance was actually making it feel so great although now, I think I like the original film(s) better.

And Pan's Labyrinth's loss in the Best Foreign Film category was unacceptable, I think. I haven't watched any of the other movies in that category, but is it possible that any of those movies be better than Pan's? I don't think so.

maberik said...

To me Infernal Affairs is the better "thriller" and The Departed is the better "drama". or maybe I'd call anything by Scorsese is great.ha.

The Lives Of Others is pretty good, actually. it's a political drama, so it may have attracted the older academy voters. but still, it pales in comparison to Pan's in terms of sheer achievement.

ghoyye said...

pan's labyrinth losing best foreign picture is like a repetition of amelie's lost when people considered it as a shoo-in at that time.

i agree with both of you about pan's. but as much as i adore the film, it shud have not won for cinematography. that's my biggest disappoinment this year

maberik said...

Scorsese has passed the 'loser' torch to Emmanuel Lubezki.a

rewan ishak said...

My biggest disappointment -Emmanuel Lubezki patut menang.