Monday, January 26, 2009


10 - Let The Right One In

If there's only one vampire cum romance flick that you would see, make it this one.

9 - In Bruges

A criminally underlooked British gangster flick, boasting Colin Farrel's best performance to date.

8 - Revolutionary Road
An acting showcase for Leo and Kate, back together again, albeit in a completely opposite end of the spectrum, in tone, than their previous collaboration.

7 - Doubt

You won't doubt the cast's acting abilities, that's for sure. Watch this if you want to see great actors chomp through the whole film.

6 - Slumdog Millionaire

This is the "Little Miss Sunshine" or "Juno" of the year. A crowd-pleasing indie film, that although may not be as mindblowing as the hype would suggest, but still nearly impossible to hate. Heck Danny Boyle can always make up to any shortcomings in a script.

5 - Wall-E

The first half of Wall-E is pure cinematic heaven. But when it gets "talky", it loses most of its magic. But nevertheless, it's still on par with some of Pixar's best.

4 - Happy-Go-Lucky

You'd know that a movie was great if it can make you smile for the rest of the day. The title fits perfectly.

3 - Chop Shop

Chop Shop is another unappreciated gem of a film, reminiscent of the old Italian neo-realists.

2 - The Wrestler

Honestly, this little flick damn near takes the top spot. Intimate, and as emotionally engaging as it gets. Mickey Rourke is back in a performance of a lifetime. and to those Aronofsky detractors who claimed he's more style over substance, The Wrestler pretty much could shut them all up.

1 - The Dark Knight

I'd bet you can see this a mile away. What more can I say? The Dark Knight is all kinds of awesome. Full stop. As the list shows, TDK is the best example for mainstream cinema, and The Wrestler, for the independent cinema.

Honorable Mentions: Susuk, Iron Man, Gran Torino, Budak Kelantan, Eden Lake, Man On Wire, Transsiberian, Speed Racer, Tropic Thunder, Time Crimes

Disappointments: The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, Quantum Of Solace, Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, My Blueberry Nights

Most Unwatchable Film: Milk

Other Top 10 lists:
Roman Kodian


ghoyye said...

hey... lama tak menjenguk.

my favourite film of the year has got to be revolutionary road. perfect dari segala segi. totally overlooked by AMPAS

susah nak jual/kasi orang appreciate filem2 depressing nowadays

maberik said...

hey u back in malaysia? pekaba?

yep sad to see revolutionary road got overlooked.

mahhass said...

Great list dude. Kau (dan jgk nazim) buat aku rasa gila2 tak sabar nak tengok The Wrestler.

Edd Vedder said...

Ok, aku sedikit jeles sebab kau dh tgk Happy Go Lucky, Chop Shop & Time Crimes. Hehe..

Nice list, lebih kurang juga dgn aku.. Great mind think alike :)

Milk - most unwatchable? Really? Aku lum tgk..

maberik said...

Milk - kalau kau boleh tahan tengok byk babak2 gay porn, no problem kot.

aku tak boleh. huh hollywood has gone so far since brokeback mountain. brokeback pun jadi harmless dibandingkan dgn Milk.

fadz said...

haha, kau tak tahan dgn Milk, byk filem revolutionary macam Raspberry Reich yg ko terlepas. well, itu ketahanan masing2 (tgk filem gay macam horror lah, macam tu aku mantra bila tgk filem hindustan).

aku suka list kau!

kau buat aku nak tgk filem "Biar si dia masuk"..

ghoyye said...

yes i have been back since last july

saat omar said...

yeah aku pun tak paham kenapa Curios case of BB boleh dikatakan hebat sampai dicalonkan oscar untuk best film...

maberik said...

yeah tapi aku mengaku yg aku masih kagum dgn visual CCOBB. tu takleh disangkal la.

yg jadikannya sampah, sebab cerita & karakter2nya mmg sebijik je macam Forrest Gump.

spiral said...

Kawan aku pernah ckp, masalah utama CCOBB bermula dari scene dia tinggalkan anak dia tu (it was like macam tu je?, wtf, begitu senangnya?) itu anak kau beb, at least tunggu dia besar sebelum kau nak blah pun. And it would be more interesting to see (tho tak masuk akal gila babi) macamana songsangnya evolusi itu masa kau membesarkan budak itu (sebagaimana dia membesar dalam awal cerita). Baru emosi tu ada.
Aku setuju. Satu lagi palat besar ialah durasi, lepas scene dia tinggalkan anak dia tu, mulalah kita rasa filem ni meleret (kau akan sedar filem ni panjaaaang gila babi, yg biasanya takkan terasa kalau plotnya sempurna).

amirul hensome said...

aku suka in bruges

Anonymous said...

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