Sunday, March 1, 2009

Prebiu 2009

Filem-filem yang aku mau tonton, dan kau patut tonton, tahun ini.

Even if it turns out to be only half as good as the graphic novel, I'll be satisfied. Even if the adaptation is shite, quality time can be spent on reveling at Silk Spectre and that 'fanboy-treating' of an outfit. Oh and to those who haven't read the graphic novel, you're really missing out. TIME's 100 Novels List can attest to its greatness.


I admit I still store a sheer amount of skeptism on this movie. First, it's a Terminator movie without the terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger. Second, it's directed by "McG", the guy who brought us the movie Charlie's Angels . But if he managed to get Christian Bale and Jonathan Nolan on the boat, he must be doing something right. The snippets I saw are not-too-bad either.

As in my previous post. Could this be the second Adam Sandler flick that I love? Even the film's poster managed to make Adam Sandler look "likable" for once.

Teh Bale. Johnny Depp. A Michael Mann movie. Ya can blow a load now.

A WWII Tarantino movie. I'm one of the few who loved Death Proof. Guess I still belong to the now dwindling, Quentin Tarantino fan club.

It wouldn't be right to not have a Pixar film to look forward to every year.

It looks like James Cameron has finally ran out of all that money he got from Titanic. Thank goodness.


This film should have been a 2008 release, but somehow got pushed to this year. Is that a bad sign? With the talents involved, I doubt it. The Road is a post-apocalyptic film adapted from Cormac McCarthy's novel, and directed by John Hillcoat who rose to fame with The Proposition.

Any film starring Indie favorite Joseph Gordon Levitt is worth anticipating. Seriously this guy should do something bigger that could attract some serious attention. "Big" in the sense of not in a blockbuster movie(*ehem* G.I. Joe), but more to something that those golden statuettes love.


Sorry..couldn't find a photo worth posting for this one.

It's safe to say that this would be a lock as one of the front-runners in the next Oscars. But if I'm not missing anything, with the exception of Public Enemies, this year there's no other film with big-name directors attached that could rival the juggernaut that is Martin Scorsese, so it has all the chance of coming out winning methinks.


falling-evenstar said...

ooooohh~ I'll save this list!

maberik said...

haha silakan2~

Noor Ashraaf said...

weh citer Monsters Vs Aliens, ko tak masukkan

maberik said...

oh macam menarik jugak. tapi aku tak cukup tertarik nak tgk tu mcm aku tertarik nak tgk filem2 dlm list ni. :)

amirul hensome said...

aku dah tengok watchmen. Memang aku suka rasa macam nak tengok skali lagi....kepada peminat2 superhero movie macam spiderman, tak payah la buang masa tengok....nanti komplen pulak. Pukimak punya orang tak berseni.

maberik said...

hahahaha jgn ngamuk. aku pun dah tgk...best2.

fadz said...

def worth the look ur list ni!

Anuar said...

I'm waiting for Terence Malik's Tree Of Life, Gigantic, Jim Jarmusch's latest The Limits of Control and AVATAR of course!

Anonymous said...

Awww, why no Star Trek?

maberik said...

Anuar - yeah i forgot Tree of Life is coming out this yr. there's barely any news of it.

Anon - sorry, i'm not a "Trekkie". heh

Anonymous said...



Nazim Masnawi said...

"sorry, i'm not a 'Trekkie'. heh"

Screw you, Maberik! This list sucks! YOU suck!

fadz said...

slm, good luck on yoyooh! :)

btw, sangat2 menunggu James Cameron's new flick

maberik said...

nazim - wahaha ok ok for you, i'll be there opening day!

fadz - wahlau aku hanya 'pengulas filem' saja, tak dapat la nak celen 'pengkritik filem' mcm kau atau ajami!

Muhammad said...

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idyavie said...

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